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Hethal Solanki

Hethal Solanki

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Introducing Clip Editor 2.0 - Just the Way You Wanted

You asked for it, and we delivered!

Exemplary AI is super excited to update your AI content creation experience with a massive upgrade to our Clip Editor. That's right, we're talking next-level features for AI Clips Editor 2.0, everything that makes your one-stop stop to generate stunning content.

We heard you loud and clear. You craved more creative freedom, a touch of AI Magic, and extra clips to take your content from good to great. Well, consider it delivered. Here's a small sneak peek at the magic we've been up to:

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AI Clip Editor 2.0: Branding tools, B-Rolls, Magic AI Cut, Extend & Trim Clips, Emoji Captions, Word Highlight in Captions, Intro Text & Outro Animation, Image Positioning, Generate Platform-Specific captions, Social Media Sharing, AI Chat (beta)

Branded to perfection


Building a recognizable brand identity just got a whole lot easier with this new update. Build a customizable branding kit within AI Clips - you can add your logos, fonts, color palettes, and our AI will automatically integrate them into your videos.

With this, you can weave your brand identity into every video frame seamlessly like magic. Saving you hours of editing to ensure consistent brand recognition across all your content.


Not only this, we are offering pre-built templates where you can choose one for your video creation or build a new one. We know you love flexibility.

Everything new you need to know in the captions:



The most in-demand feature of this update. It's time to spice up your AI Clips with stunning, royalty-free b-roll that perfectly complement your message. Supplement your clip with perfect visuals to enhance your storytelling and the visual interest of the audience.

This feature is like having a professional videographer by your side, taking your videos from good to great.

Exemplary has built a vast library of B-rolls for you, there is something for every theme, ensuring your message resonates with your viewers.

Magic AI Cut

We are taking you to experience video editing to a whole new level with our Magic AI Cut.

This industry-leading feature goes beyond simply removing silence. It intelligently identifies and removes not just dead air but also fillers, repetitive words, and awkward pauses.

Now with Exemplary AI, you can create crisp, concise video clips which is more polished to keep your audience engaged. An ultimate time-saving tool for busy content creators who want to focus on crafting exceptional content, not spending hours of tedious manual editing.

Extend & Trim

Need to tighten up a scene or add a few extra seconds of emphasis? With our new update, you can extend and trim your AI clips directly from the captions.

We know you love to keep things nice and simple without juggling between platforms for edits. That's why our upgraded AI Clips Editor 2.0 you can stay flexible to make precise adjustments to your AI Clips, ensuring your message is delivered perfectly with a few clicks and drags without ever leaving the platform.

Emojis on caption

With our update, you can make your caption emojis speak louder than words. Use dynamic emojis from our library to add personality, humor, or emotional depth to your interactions.

Seamlessly integrate them directly into your AI Clip captions with a single tap. It's a creative twist on traditional text-based communication, perfect for engaging your audience in a whole new way. Let your audience LOL, gasp, or ponder deeply with these emojis.

Highlight words in the caption

Color customizations

Make your captions accessible and engaging to the next level with our new "highlight word" in the caption feature.

Highlight specific keywords in the caption by adding a visually distinct outlook with a single click. Think bolding, underlining, or even color-coding – the choice is yours! Instantly grab your audience's attention and strongly reinforce your messages with Exemplary AI.

For all our content creators, this update is going to be a treasure trove of hidden gems, including,

Intro text & Outro animation

Intro text & Outro animation

Make a long-lasting effect on the audience with a polished intro and outro. Integrate Intro text overlays at the beginning of your videos to introduce your brand, topic, or speaker. Seamlessly add captivating images or animation for the outro to make your video stand out and look professional.

Image positioning

Image positioning

With this feature, you can directly add impactful images to your AI Clips without leaving the platform or using other editing software. Get complete creative control of resizing, repositioning, and layering your image precisely to complement your message and enhance the visual storytelling of your video clip. Time to grab the audience's attention and leave a lasting impression.

Generate Platform-specific Captions:

With our new update, you will be able to generate platform-specific captions for posts/reels. This feature analyses the chosen platform and helps content creators and market teams tailor messages perfectly for each social media outlet.

This guides maximum audience engagement across every platform. Buckle up to generate clips and captions both on our platform.


Social Media Sharing

We have made your workflow simpler with this update. Now you can share the phenomenal work/video directly to various social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

This will save you time in juggling between different platforms for uploads. With Exemplary, you can generate clips, content, and captions and share them directly to social media in one click.

AI Chat (Beta)

Leverage the power of AI to make edits directly through an intuitive chat interface. Think of it as having a personal AI editor at your fingertips! Describe the changes you want to the AI Chat, and it will work its magic to execute your vision with remarkable accuracy. Produce professional-looking content through interactive conversation with AI Chat. We have made video editing easy like never before for all content creators.

That's not all of it, with this AI Clip Editor 2.0 you will be experiencing,

  • Brand New User Interface - We have fine-tuned everything for a smoother and much more intuitive user interface.
  • Faster Processing Speed - We will be delivering content quicker than ever before.

Get ready to fall in love with its sleek look, performance, and experience.

This update will transform the way you create your video clip content. head over to Exemplary and dive into the future of content creation with AI.

Update date: 25th April 2024. Hop on to Product Hunt to join us on the big day and show us your excitement.

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