Getting started

Learn how to get exemplaryai set up in your project.

Quick Start

Step-by-step guides to setting up exemplaryai to access all ai engines.


Explore the providers we support.

API reference

Learn how to use our api so you can build your AI powered applications.


Videos that you can watch and learn our API and Toolkit.

Quick start

Get going on your local machine.

Clone Repo

Run the following commands

git clone
yarn install
yarn dev

This repo is under active development!

We're in the alpha stage of development so expect changes to the architecture, provider plugin libary etc.

Configuring the service

Be sure to include your provider specific api keys or include them as environment variables.

  "DEEPGRAM_API_KEY": "123",

Hosted Version Coming Soon

We have a hosted version where you can try out all providers without hassle. Please stay tuned.

Getting help

Please join our Discord and ask any questions there.

Submit an issue

Please search for or create issues on our Github Issues page.