Azure Speech-To-Text

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  • About - A Speech service feature that accurately transcribes spoken audio to text
  • Models -
  • Languages - Azure Speech-to-Text supports English, Arabic, Chinese(Mandarin), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and other languages, which can be used as requested. All languages supported by Azure Speech-to-Text here.
  • Features -
    • High-quality transcription - Get accurate audio to text transcriptions with state-of-the-art speech recognition. Accurately transcribe - speech from various sources Convert audio to text from a range of sources, including microphones, audio files, and blob storage. Use speaker diarisation to determine who said what and when. Get readable transcripts with automatic formatting and punctuation.
    • Customizable models - Add specific words to your base vocabulary or build your own speech-to-text models. Customize speech models to your needs - Tailor your speech models to understand organization- and industry-specific terminology. Overcome speech recognition barriers such as background noise, accents, or unique vocabulary. Customize your models by uploading audio data and transcripts. Automatically generate custom models using Office 365 data to optimize speech recognition accuracy for your organization.
    • Flexible deployment - Run Speech to Text anywhere—in the cloud or at the edge in containers. Deploy anywhere - Run Speech to Text wherever your data resides. Build speech applications that are optimized for robust cloud capabilities and on-premises using containers.
    • Production-ready - Access the same robust technology that powers speech recognition across Microsoft products.
  • Pricing - Speech Services pricing here