Symbl AI


  • About - Conversation Intelligence for Developers. Easily integrate APIs and SDKs to convert audio, video, and chat data to generate summarization, sentiments, topics, intents and live captioning into your applications. Build AI that understands natural human conversations, creating a new category in voice tech infrastructure — “Conversation Intelligence as a Service”.
  • Languages - Symbl currently supports English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese and Persian, see here.
  • Features -
    • Speech to Text Integrate the most accurate real-time and asynchronous speech recognition API that is built for unstructured human conversations and also enables you to add intelligence with a single API call.
    • Topic Modeling Automatically detect and model conversation topics with no manual labeling or hierarchies required. View sentiments associated with topics, and view aggregate summaries of topics as “abstract topics.”
    • Conversation Analytics Generate talk-to-listen ratios, words per minute, talk time, overlap along sentence level and topic based sentiments to enhance user or agent conversation analytics.
    • Summarization Get audio and video summarization that is abstractive, descriptive and context-aware with a single API call. Built with almost 5x lesser inference time and superior understanding.
    • Keyword, Phrase & Intent Detection Integrate keyword and phrase matching and intent detection powered by semantic similarity and machine learning – both in real-time in less than 400 milliseconds and via batch / asynchronous requests.
    • Pre-built UI & Components Leverage pre-built UI and components for voice, audio, and text data. Easily customize UI look and feel, and integrate into your application or workflow.
    • Generate Real-Time Intelligence Use a single API to ingest conversation data and access AI capabilities beyond speech recognition or a single NLP task - Video file, Audio file, Text file, Telephony, Streaming.
  • Pricing -
    • Developer - Free forever No credit card required 1,000 mins per month (voice channel) + 10,000 words per month (text channel) Access to all products and features Up to 5 concurrent connections
    • Pro - Pay as you go No usage commitment required Starting at $0.027 / minute (voice channel) or $0.0002 per word (text channel) Price reduces to $0.017 / minute (voice channel) or $0.00012 per word (text channel) if you use over 30k minutes or 3.75M words per month Unlimited usage and up to 50 concurrent connections Text channel does not include Automatic Speech Recognition features – see FAQ for details
    • Enterprise - Customizable High volume usage plans Volume-based discounts for voice channel and text channel Custom concurrency Enterprise support & SLAs Deploy in private environment Text channel does not include Automatic Speech Recognition features – see FAQ for details