Exemplary AI for Enterprise

Unlock the Potential of Enterprise Content with Exemplary AI's Suite of Solutions. From Transcription to AI Writing and Meeting Notes, Tailor-Made for Your Business. Explore Custom APIs, GDPR Compliance, SOC2 Security, and Effortless Integrations.

Supercharge Your Enterprise with Exemplary AI

Discover Important Features and Abilities for Easy Integration and Customization

White Labeling

We can help you establish recognition and trust among your audience by showcasing your own brand’s name while using our intelligent AI solutions.

Custom Workflows

We understand the comfort of making our tool your own and have facilitated easy integration to design your custom workflow with our software.

Custom API

Our unified API facilitates access to all the best speech-to-text and LLM providers to help you achieve higher efficiency in producing high-quality content as an organization.


Experience easy integration with our software to build apps or embed conversational intelligence using our pre-built components and templates.

GDPR Compliance

Assured data protection and data privacy every step of the building process.

Access Control

You can determine who can access the platform workspace for easy and convenient collaboration.


We make it easy to build interactive applications while ensuring that they meet security and compliance standards, including access to a reliable and robust global infrastructure.

We're SOC2 Type I certified.

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