Build your own transcript app by integrating our SDK.

Improve your user experience by using our headless UI components to create fully customizable transcript editor or player that work with any popular framework.

Develop a fully customizable app for any framework.


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API Call

This playground shows cached responses for public users. Please to run actual queries.
curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer __api_key__' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '
"url": "",
"provider": "deepgram",
"speaker_labels": true,
"language": "auto"

Why Transcript SDK?

Eliminate the hassle of building Conversational app

We make it easy to build apps leveraging ASR/STT using our SDK and UI components without burning months of developer time.

Personalised user experience

Create tailor made user experience with our Trascript editor and player SDK. Use our UI componets and toolkit to build interactive speech & transcript apps

Build or Integrate fast

Use prebuilt components and templates to build apps or embed conversational intelligence with record time to market.

Intelligence Warehouse

Store your assets & transcripts in a store that supports: Versioning, Labelling, Commenting, Collaborative Editing. Create Custom NLP models for your domain with ease.

Supports top STT providers

Connect your assets and transcripts from your favorite ASR or Speech-To-Text provider and build conversational intelligence apps quick.

NLP Visualization

Analyze participants across meetings, their sentiment, questions, important moments or pschyographics.

Transcript SDK Features

Powerful features for a rich user experience

Our SDK provides a robust set of prebuilt services that can enhance the functionality of your product.

Live transcriptin UI

Get real time transcription in a friendly interface, with interactive editor, highlighting and tagging.

Visual timelines

You can visualise speaker diarization, topic annotation and chapter annotation on timeline.

Prebuilt UI layouts

Do you need to make a transcript UI that will attract your clients? We have pre built UI layouts that are targeting your business use case.

Create highlight reels

Create a highlight reel directly on the transcript UI by sharing your best moments.

Embedded transcript player

This product is a transcript video player which can be added on any web page or blog post, and its will help improve SEO and it's completely customisable.

Real time collaboration

Real-time Collaboration, Comments and Track Changes functionality built right in your Rich-Text Editor.

Powerful editing option

Our transcript editor SDK ability to perform well even with more than 20hours file, our editing option help you to improve the accuracy.

Improve transcription accuracy

Track results. Share with anyone without taking the hassle.

Visual soundbite

Convert your audio into engaging social videos with audio wave and transcription. Share memorable podcast moments on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Things you can build using our UI ToolKit

Sales Coaching App

Live sales coaching app for you reps. So you can build and scale reps while giving tools that help them close deals in real-time.

Automated Note Taker App

User Research App

Video Editor App

Contact Center App

Everything developers require to rapidly create or integrate amazing Conversational Apps .

Prebuilt Components

Prebuilt templates to build conversational intelligence in your app within 15 minutes.

Custom Integration

Develop a fully customizable app for any framework within a few hours..

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