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Transform Your Long Videos into Viral Short Clips in Seconds

Repurpose your existing video into multiple viral short clips and amplify your social media growth.


Turn your existing video into content machine with AI

Extract viral moments from your video with AI

Find engaging clips and frame speaker with active speaker detection.

  • Get most engaging moment from your video.
  • Active speaker tracking and positioning.
  • Grow your online presence on auto pilot.

Save time with dynamic layouts

Turn your landscape videos into portrait for social media with dynamic layouts

  • Change layouts from fit, fill or split in one click
  • Switch aspect ratios for different social media.

Boost engagement with animated captions & emojis

Choose trending caption animation, emojis and customise it to your brand

  • Improve brand visibility with your brand template.
  • Customise caption style to your preference.
  • Apply Trending templates in one click.

Edit with AI-powered text based video editor

Automatically add high quality stock footage b-rools and customise it effortlessly.

  • Remove Silence and Filler words in one click
  • Automatically add B-roll to your videos
  • Edit video effortlessly with text-based video editor
Trending Styles

Create Content Like Top Creators

Alex Hormozhi

Alex Hormozhi


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Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal


How it works

Easiest and fastest way to repurpose your video

1. Upload your video file

Start with uploading your video file from various sources and proceed to generate AI Clips.

2. Get viral clips Instantly

Viral clips with engaging captions and emoji with AI B-Roll. You can customise it like however you want with our advanced text-based video editor.

3. Download or Publish it

Viral clips with engaging captions and emoji with AI B-Roll. You can customise it like however you want.

Beyond AI Clips

Tools that will amplify your content creation process

Tools that will amplify your content creation process

Easily extend or trim your clips and customise the duration completely.

Engage your audience with audiogram

Create trending audiogram animations in one click and customise it as however you like.

Get Title and Description from AI

Get catchy titles and engaging description for your videos instantly with AI

Create clips manually with auto face detection

Create short clip of your favourite part manually and position speaker with auto framing

Download subtitles in Various Formats

Completely customise and download your subtitles in your preferred format including (.srt, .vtt)

Publish or Schedule to your social media

Save time by directly posting or schedule videos to your social media.


What Our Users Say

Upload, Analyze and Generate Content

Drive engaging content with advanced transcription, translation, and captioning services, powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Transcribe with Accuracy

Transcribe with Accuracy

Transform Your Audio to Text Seamlessly. Enhance Your Workflow with Accurate Transcriptions.

Globalise Your Content

Globalise Your Content

Globalise Your Content Instantly! Effortlessly Translate Transcripts into 130+ Languages.

Get Insights Instantly

Get Insights Instantly

Engage in Effortless Conversations with AI Chat. Seamlessly Retrieve Valuable Insights.

Automate Content Creation

Automate Content Creation

Transform Media into Engaging Blogs, Emails, and More. Craft Engaging Content to Your Audience.

Craft Engaging Narratives

Craft Engaging Narratives

Transcribe and Translate audio & video in 100+ languages with ease and accuracy.

Engage audience with subtitles

Engage audience with subtitles

Elevate Viewer Engagement, Enhance Storytelling. Tailored Subtitles for Global Reach.


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