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Generate summaries, video reels, transcripts, captions, translations & more with simple prompts


Upload, Analyze and Generate Content

Drive engaging content with advanced transcription, translation, and captioning services, powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

GPT transcription and translation for 120 languages

Perfect Transcripts and Translation for 120 Languages with GPT Assistance.

Use our GPT-Assisted editor to get to perfect transcripts. Break Language Barriers and connect with your global audience!

Generate content faster with promptse

Beyond Transcription: Generate Content Faster Using Simple Prompts

Create Summaries, Meeting Notes, Highlights, Blogs, Follow-up Emails and More with Just a Simple Prompt.

Instant highlight reels and clips for social media

Generate Highlight Reels, Clips, and Audiograms for Social Media instantly.

Create engaging social media content with automated video and audio editing tools.

Use Case

Transforming Industries with Our Transcription Solutions

Our transcription suite serves a diverse range of industries, Discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your content.

Conducting interviews, analyzing customer feedback, transcribing meetings
Transcribing interviews, captioning videos, subtitling movies
Transcribing lectures, creating study materials, captioning educational videos
Transcribing meetings, hearings and public events, creating accessible content for citizens
Transcribing depositions, court proceedings, and other legal content, creating subtitles for legal videos
Transcribing interviews, analyzing news stories, creating transcripts for podcasts
Transcribing interviews, analyzing research data, creating study materials
Creating transcripts for podcast episodes, adding subtitles or captions to podcast videos, analyzing listener feedback


Flexible Pricing Options to Meet Your Business Needs

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Essential features with generous limits. Perfect for small businesses and teams.

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  • 5 hours of Transcription
  • GPT-Assisted Transcript Editor
  • Unlimited Translation
  • Generate up to 15 AI reports
  • Export 5 videos
  • Unlimited reviewers


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Unlimited access to advanced features. For larger teams & enterprises.

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  • 10 hours of Transcription
  • GPT-Assisted Transcript Editor
  • Unlimited Translation
  • Generate unlimited AI reports
  • Export unlimited videos
  • Unlimited reviewers


Create a highly customizable transcription app for your product using our API and SDK

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  • Transcript SDK & UI Components
  • Automation & Workflow
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Custom branding & white labeling

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Exemplary and what does it do?
Exemplary is an AI-powered report and content generator that allows you to create summaries, highlight reels, audiograms, transcripts, subtitles, translations, and more from audio and video with simple prompts.
How does Exemplary work?
Exemplary uses advanced AI technology to transcribe audio and video content, then generates summaries, highlight reels, audi, transcripts, subtitles, translations, and based on. also editing customization the content.
What types of audio and video content does Exemplary work with?
Exemplary can work with any audio or video content, including webinars, podcasts, meetings, lectures, and more.
How accurate is Exemplary's transcription?
Exemplary's transcription is highly accurate, with a reported accuracy rate of over 95%. However, accuracy may vary depending on the quality of the audio or video content.
What languages does Exemplary support?
Exemplary supports over 130 languages for translation, and can transcribe content in any language.
Can Exemplary generate reports and meeting notes?
Yes, Exemplary can generate reports and meeting notes based on the audio or video content, as well as summaries, highlight reels, audiograms, transcripts, subtitles, and translations.
How long does it take for Exemplary to generate content?
Exemplary can generate content in real-time, with most content being generated within minutes of uploading or recording the audio or video content.
Is Exemplary easy to use?
Yes, Exemplary is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with simple prompts and an intuitive interface.
Is Exemplary's generated content SEO-friendly?
Yes, Exemplary's generated content is SEO-friendly, with options for adding keywords, tags, and descriptions to help improve search engine rankings.