Email-writingSpeech-to-textAIEmail Communication with Speech-to-text: How AI can transform the way you write emails
Sherlin Jannet

Sherlin Jannet

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Email Communication with Speech-to-text: How AI can transform the way you write emails

With the world being digitised more and more each day, people are looking for easier and more efficient ways to do everyday tasks. One such everyday task is email-writing, which is easily the most preferred and most used mode of communication, especially when it comes to formal interactions. AI can help us achieve this feat through voice recognition, wherein technology is able to convert what we speak into text and is smart enough to draft an email based on the content in the voice note. Explore with us, in this article, how speech-to-text can automate our emails and the possibilities of AI-generated emails.

Speech-to-text Email-writing

Of all the ways to leave people messages, I think we can all agree that sending voice notes has been the easiest. All you have to do is record yourself speaking, like you would in real life and send it to the person. Voice notes are convenient for both the sender and the recipient with lesser chances of misinterpretation than text messages. Speech-to-text email-writing offers you the same convenience where you can speak into your phone to record and generate an email that is well-written and sounds professional. All you have to do is, record yourself speaking your message to the recipient and upload the audio file onto Exemplary AI. You can then use this prompt to generate your automated email: “Rewrite my voice note as an email to X”.

When recording your voice note, make sure to mention who you want the email to be sent to, give context as to what the email is about and also mention the end goal of the email.

Your voice note can be something like this:

‘’I met John at a SaaS conference in February earlier this year. We are both acquainted with Kevin, my colleague from QuantumVesta Inc. We discussed new ideas on how developer focused communities can grow, and were hoping to find time to do coffee or dinner together. I would like to pick his brain on how he has grown previous communities and discuss strategies that have worked and ones that haven’t. I am free this weekend and Thursday evening next week. A 1-2 hour catch up would be ideal.’’

Click here to write your first voice-automated email.

Writing emails as a business professional

The amount of efficiency automated emails can bring to a business is something to look out for. The average office worker sends 40 emails per day for business purposes. This high number shows the need for automation to be incorporated in work-places. By increasing the work-efficiency of employees, businesses can reach higher rates of productivity.

Example prompts to email your client or colleague:

  • Draft a persuasive email to [client name] who expressed interest in our [product/service] based on the conversation in the transcript.
  • Write an email to my colleague, [colleague name] asking them to [information or action]. Include task details mentioned in the transcript. End the email with the purpose of my request as stated in the audio file.

Writing emails as a content creator/ marketer

If you’re a YouTuber and you don’t do email marketing, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your community. 61% subscribers prefer receiving promotional emails every week and 38% —more frequently than that. Sending emails alerting viewers on a new video or other exciting updates can help increase engagement on your content. If the algorithm fails to find them at least your email will. This goes for all content creators and not just YouTubers. Email marketing has to inevitably be a part of your marketing strategy.

To write a promotional email for a new video, you can upload your video to Exemplary AI and use this prompt:

I am a [ABC Domain] Youtuber, releasing a long awaited video for my subscribers titled [ABC Video Title]. Write a captivating and engaging promotional email for my new YouTube video. Use an enthusiastic tone. The email will be going out [X] hours before I release the video.

Don’t forget that you can also embellish your prompt with extra details and suggestions to steer the AI in the direction you want and give it extra information to aid in generation.

Writing emails as a non-native English speaker

If you grew up speaking more regional languages, you may find it hard to articulate an email as well as native English speakers. But this shouldn’t be a reason you miss out on equal opportunities to your peers. Exemplary AI’s translate feature allows you to translate your audio (recorded voice note) from a wide option of languages to English and generate an email that is proficient and helps you communicate better with the recipient.


The digital transformation of our world offers unparalleled opportunities to streamline and enhance everyday tasks. Email communication, a pivotal aspect of professional and personal interactions, stands to benefit immensely from AI advancements, particularly in speech-to-text capabilities. The allure of simply recording a voice note and then having it expertly transcribed into a coherent, professional email is hard to ignore. Whether you're a business professional dealing with copious amounts of daily emails, a content creator looking to engage your audience, or a non-native English speaker aiming for clear communication, AI-driven platforms like Exemplary AI can be a game-changer. As we move forward, embracing these technological innovations can make email communication more efficient, accessible, and inclusive for all.

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