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Hethal Solanki

Hethal Solanki

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Best Hashtags for TikTok Reels 2024 To Go Viral

TikTok is a powerful platform for creators with their trending dances and viral challenges. Using hashtags on TikTok can be your best friend for discoverability and go viral. Hashtags are more than just keywords, they help you reach a wider audience and push your content on the 'For You' page.

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out with TikTok or a famous creator, this blog is for you to understand the current trending hashtags and make use of it to reach the top.

Strategy is the Key:

Social Media Platforms are dynamic and ever-changing landscape. TikTok has been on the top among the young population (age 18-34) with its quirky dance trends and funny challenges, which are engaging for the audience.

(Alt Text- Images show Pie chart on the Number of TikTok Users Age Wise categorization. 2.5% of users are Age 11 or under. 17.7% of users are age 12-17. 23.9% of users are age 18-24. 25.2% of users are age 25-34. 17.1% of users are age 35-44. 6.7% of users are age 45-54. 7% of users are age 55+. Source-

You will have to do preliminary research on the content which you want to create, to ensure it is not a dead trend. Once you have your content ready and posted, it should not disappear into the abyss of endless scrolling. Hashtags are one of the best ways to prevent that from happening.

Hashtags help you to boost discoverability, target the right audience, and also ride the trend wave. They act as a directional sign, that guides interested viewers to land directly on your video.

New to TikTok? With no audience? Fret not, we have exactly what you are looking for. Learn to build your followers and audience with us.

Category-wise Suggestion (With No. of Followers)


  • #entertainment (1.2M)
  • #entertainer (432.8K)
  • #creativity (745.7K)
  • #fun (1.4M)
  • #performance (302.4K)
  • #challenge (2.2M)


  • #dancer (1.2B)
  • #trendingdance (432.4K)
  • #dancechallenge (1.1B)
  • #hiphopdance (542.3K)
  • #justdance (298.7K)
  • #streetdance (241.2K)


  • #comedy (3.8B)
  • #funny (13.1B)
  • #lol (821.4K)
  • #prank (1.2B)
  • #meme (2.4B)
  • #jokes (421.7K)

Education & DIY

  • #education (1.2B)
  • #learning (624.3K)
  • #diy (4.2B)
  • #howto (841.2K)
  • #lifehacks (1.4B)
  • #facts (542.1K)
  • #knowledge (412.4K)

Lifestyle/ Vlogs

  • #lifestyle (3.1B)
  • #vlog (1.2B)
  • #dailyvlog (421.7K)
  • #fashionvlog (243.5K)
  • #momsoftiktok (1.3B)
  • #inspiration (1.2B)
  • #selfcare (412.3K)


  • #gamer (3.2B)
  • #gamingcommunity (423.1K)
  • #fortnite (13.2B)
  • #minecraft (19.3B)
  • #pubg (8.4B)
  • #pcgaming (542.3K)
  • #mobilegaming (413.2K)

Fashion & Beauty

  • #fashion (4.7B)
  • #beauty (8.2B)
  • #makeup (4.2B)
  • #ootd (1.4B)
  • #style (1.7B)
  • #hair (2.3B)
  • #nails (421.3K)
  • #beautyhacks (542.1K)

Food & Drinks

  • #foodie (13.3M)
  • #foodtok (10.1M)
  • #cooking (17.5M)
  • #recipe (11.4M)
  • #healthyfood (7.8M)
  • #baking (6.7M)


  • #sports (4.2B)
  • #athlete (423.1K)
  • #fitness (4.1B)
  • #workout (1.3B)
  • #gym (1.4B)
  • #yoga (2.1B)


  • #traveltiktok (421.7K)
  • #adventure (842.1K)
  • #explore (1.2B)
  • #vacation (432.8K)
  • #beach (1.4B)
  • #nature (4.2B)
  • #photography (2.3B)


  • #pettok (1.2B)
  • #pets (7.4B)
  • #animals (2.3B)
  • #funnypets (542.1K)
  • #dogsoftiktok (1.3B)
  • #catsoftiktok (1.2B)

Tech & Science

  • #science (1.3B)
  • #technology (2.4B)
  • #gadget (243.5K)
  • #future (1.2B)
  • #techtok (421.7K)
  • #diytech (314.2K)
  • #space (1.4B)

Home Design

  • #homedesign (423.1K)
  • #homedecor (1.2B)
  • #diyhome (412.7K)
  • #bathroom (241.2K)
  • #kitchen (1.4B)
  • #gardening (412.3K)

Finance & Business

  • #money (1.3B)
  • #entrepreneur (421.7K)
  • #investing (412.3K)
  • #marketing (423.1K)
  • #sidehustle (432.8K)
  • #startup (243.5K)

News & Politics

  • #current events (421.3K)
  • #worldnews (1.2B)
  • #socialjustice (432.8K)
  • #voting (243.5K)
  • #climatechange (1.4B)

Finding The Best Hashtags

  • Research:

Understand the theme of your video and type relevant keywords into TikTok's search bar. The app will suggest popular hashtags related to your keywords.

Tip: Keep an eye on TikTok Challenges Hashtags. These are very trendy and can increase your video's reach exponentially.

  • Discover tab

This tab will show you the trending videos, challenges, and trends. You can pick up the hashtags from this tab. Also, this can spark ideas for your next content and hashtags for high engagement potential.

  • Take inspiration

Follow the market leaders for your niche, and take inspiration on what kind of hashtags they consistently use and how they integrate them into their captions. Additionally, look at videos with high engagement, and analyze the hashtags to discover hidden gems relevant to your target audience.

  • Stay Flexible

Be as dynamic as Social Media with your hashtag game. Keep learning and experimenting with new hashtags that work the best for your content. Don't miss our seasonal trends to boost discoverability during specific times.

Tip: Experiment with the posting time on TikTok. Discover the best time to post to target your active audience to get maximum reach.

Hashtags Hacks:

Here are some Dos and Don'ts for hashtags on TikTok which will help you out in the long run,

  • Get the right mix of popular and niche hashtags. Use a few trending hashtags (over 100k followers) to gain wider reach, but also include some niche hashtags (less than 100k followers) relevant to your content to target a specific audience.
  • It is important to choose hashtags that directly relate to the content of your video. Do not go overboard with the number of hashtags. Stick to 3-5 relevant hashtags.
  • Do your research on the current trends, and look out for hashtags used in those videos.
  • Make use of specific hashtags for your video. Broad hashtags like #fyp or #foryou may not be that effective. Instead, target specific interests within your niche using more specific hashtags. For example, for a baking video, instead of just #food, use #bakingrecipes or #cakedecorating.
  • Avoid copying other video's hashtags. While it's good to research and get inspired by trending videos, don't just copy and paste their hashtags. Bring out your authenticity here.
  • Avoid using banned hashtags by TikTok.
  • Be experimental with different styles of hashtags for your video.

Tip: While you can add 5-10 hashtags in your caption, you can add the rest(supplementary) in a comment below the video. This keeps the caption cleaner and allows for more space to write.

Summing Up:

Remember, Hashtags are the bridge between your creativity and a wider audience on TikTok, and 'Strategy' is the Key. Incorporate your research, current trends, and the other tips explored in this blog, you'll be able to boost your audience engagement and visibility. It's time for you to unlock the power of hashtags and take your content to the next level. So, get ready to strategically sprinkle those hashtags in, and watch your views reach new heights.


  1. How many hashtags should I use on TikTok?

    TikTok allows up to 30 hashtags per video, but quality trumps quantity. Aim for a strategic mix of 4-6 hashtags that are relevant to your content and the target audience.

  2. Can I only use popular hashtags to boost my video?

    Remember popular hashtags can expose your video to a wider audience, but they can also be super competitive. Balance trendy hashtags with niche hashtags that target your specific viewers for a better chance of standing out.

  3. Where do I find trending hashtags on TikTok?

    You can take a look at the 'Discover' tab on TikTok for trending hashtags. You can also search for hashtags related to your video's content and see how many views they're getting.

  4. Can I add hashtags in the comments?

    Yes, you can. Hashtags in the caption get more weight by the algorithm. Use comments for supplementary hashtags that don't fit in the caption.

  5. How can I track the performance of my hashtags?

    TikTok Analytics (available to Pro accounts) can show you which hashtags are driving the most views and engagement to your videos. This helps you refine your hashtag strategy over time.

  6. How often should I change up my TikTok hashtags?

    We would recommend you stay dynamic! New trends emerge constantly on social media, so keep an eye on evolving hashtags and update your strategy accordingly. Analyze what works best for your content and adapt your hashtag selection over time.

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