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Sherlin Jannet

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Generative AI Prompts for Social media marketers

According to digital marketing expert, Rebecca Lieb, ”Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing”. Digital marketing is primarily made up of content. Which is why generative AI—AI that can generate content, is a digital marketer’s door to possibilities you never knew existed. In that sense, AI prompts are the keys to that door.

In this blog, we’ve laid out for you the utilities of generative AI in social media marketing along with a structure for the best way to write an AI prompt and some example prompts that you can try as a social media marketer.

What are Generative AI prompts?

Although Generative AI can generate content on its own it still needs prompts in order to do so. The way prompts work is: you give the AI an input in the form of text, audio or video, and the AI will read your input and generate content based on that information. The input given to AI is referred to as a prompt. In this blog, we’re going to talk specifically about text prompts.

How to use Exemplary AI for social media marketing?

Generative AI is a digital marketer’s best friend. Exemplary AI is a one-of-a-kind generative AI platform that can assist you through all your tasks as a social media marketer; from creating posts to emailing clients.

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But before that, here are some insights on how you can use Exemplary AI as a social media marketer.

Personalised captions

Writing captions for Instagram reels and YouTube videos may sound easy but marketers know the struggle of juggling between the many different tasks of managing socials and constantly having to come up with catchy and impressionable captions for your clients’ posts. Exemplary AI can generate captions based on the context of the video, giving you the most suitable output. You can further personalise the caption to mirror the brand personality using prompts.

Personalised SEO keywords

Just like a keyword generator tool can give you a set of keywords based on a topic. This AI software can generate a bunch of keywords from your uploaded video. These keywords are unique to your video and not just a topic. You can add these keywords to your bunch of hashtags for better reach and context.

Video subtitles

Earlier, subtitles were mostly found on YouTube videos but realising the significance of subtitles on instagram reels has changed the narrative. Most content-reels now have subtitles that pop up on the screen with eye-catching colours and fonts to grab the viewer’s attention. And also because people watch reels often without sound, videos without subtitles are most likely to be scrolled past within one subconscious second. However, you don’t have to spend much time on it. You can download your subtitles generated by AI from Exemplary AI and add it to your reel or video just like that.

AI generated Emails

Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a digital marketing agency, creating a good rapport with your clients is important, whether to discuss details regarding work or to keep them in the loop, there is no better way to communicate than through email.

Three ways social media marketers can use the email prompt:

  • Describe your work: You can create an email showcasing the video you’ve created for them. By uploading the video to Exemplary AI and prompting it to “Generate an email written to [Recipient name] asking them feedback on the video I have created for their Facebook page.” You can now attach your video file to the email and send it to your client.
  • Generate a professional email: Want a better way to frame your ideas into an email and sound professional? Record an audio of what you want to say to the recipient, like you would record a voice note. You can now upload this audio file to Exemplary AI which will generate an email from the audio.
  • Follow-up email: If ‘online-meetings’ is the preferred discussion forum within your team or with your clients, then you can generate an email out of the meeting-recording as well. Check out this article to find out how.

New perspective and insights

The work of social media marketers compels a lot of out-of-box thinking. AI can surprise you in this aspect by providing fresh and interesting perspectives that you may have missed. When you ask Exemplary AI to create a caption, a summary, or even thoughts on the uploaded video, the content created can give you insights on how to improve the quality of your existing work. By using the content as is or by deriving new ideas from it.

How to structure an AI prompt for best results?

As a machine that can understand language, AI reads our text input by scanning through the sentence we type in and identifying the relation between neighbouring words. And so changing the way you structure your sentence can change your output. The more specific your prompt is the better your output. It’s like if you want a chicken burger with extra mayonnaise and no tomatoes; you don’t place in an order for just a non-veg burger, without being specific. Even if you did, the chances of you getting what you want are very slim. The same goes for prompts. So, to help you structure your prompts better, we’ve listed a few things you should remember when writing a prompt.

Voice and tone

Even the most constructive message can miss the spot when the tone of the message is all wrong. In order to engage with your reader the message needs to be in the right voice and tone. Using prompts, you can make the voice and tone of a message sound professional, conversational, humorous, empathic or even sarcastic.

Number of words

The number of words your caption has can make it sound either immersive or to the point. When it comes to blogs, its length depends on the type of content and other elements. And it takes the right amount of words to keep the reader involved. By mentioning the number of words for your content, in the prompt, you can tailor the generated blog to stick to the word limit

Grammar and spelling

Make sure to check for grammar and spelling mistakes as these can confuse AI making the output irrelevant or unsatisfying. It is also necessary to use punctuation marks when required.


Exemplary AI is great at recognising intent. Write a prompt telling it what you are trying to do, who the target audience is and what you want the end goal of the content to be.

Here’s an example of a well-structured prompt:

Act as a blogger to write an informative blog post from the video detailing the 5 most common mistakes bloggers make.The video is about “Using GenAI To Grow Your Blog - Best Practices”. The blog should contain actionable solutions for each challenge and use a thought-provoking tone of voice to communicate the message. The goal is to educate freelance bloggers and the aim of the blog should be to help them use Generative AI the right way to grow their followers. The blog should not be too technical.

Best AI prompts for social media marketers to try on Exemplary AI

Prompts for instagram and facebook reel captions

  • Generate 10 hooks ideas for this social media post to incorporate into accompanying texts for the post.
  • Generate a promotional caption for an Instagram reel created from this transcript.
  • Generate the text for a give-away post for Facebook following this video transcript. Use an exciting tone.
  • Create a text post for Instagram for this transcript containing insightful statistics and numbers based on the content of the transcript, keep it engaging and short
  • Write a social media text caption based on the transcript of the video including 3 fun facts about [topic] Write a funny caption with a pun based on the transcript. Keep it to one to two lines at most.
  • Summarise the benefits of social media marketing mentioned in the video into 3 points to use as a social media caption for the video.
  • Write a social media post talking about [holiday] traditions. Use the transcript as the backbone of your post.

Prompts to generate emails

  • Write an email to schedule a meeting with Harry to discuss the main points discussed in the video in detail, since he couldn’t make it to the event. The aim of the email is to catch him up on whatever he missed, particularly with respect to the event logistics, which is his department.
  • I want you to write an email to [client name] pitching our company services as mentioned in the video transcript. Write it as if you are the [work position] from [company] specialising in [service].
  • Draft an email to [co-worker name] explaining the design for a social media post based on the discussion in the transcript. Remind them that it should be posted on Instagram tomorrow.

Prompts for content creators to repurpose audio and video content:

  • Generate a couple of thoughtful discussion questions based on the key topics covered in this video transcript on XUS. Pose the questions on LinkedIn and Facebook to spark engaging comments.
  • Turn insights from this transcript into a listicle with the “Top 10 Tips for XYZ” based on the speaker’s advice. Share nuggets of wisdom in a scannable format.
  • Summarise the discussion and speaker’s most interesting talking points from the transcript and generate a coordinated series of engaging tweets. The target audience is the surgeon twitter community.
  • Analyse the transcript for statistics and numbers. Turn top figures into headings and tweets to make the data more social-friendly.

As a social media marketer using AI to assist you will soon become a necessity given the competition in the industry. And with the umpteen number of AI tools, one for each function, it is understandable that you’d be confused and overwhelmed with what to use. Exemplary AI is as easy as it gets, with all the needed functions; transcription, translation, content generation including captions and subtitles—all of these and more facilitated in one platform.

Try out Exemplary AI for your social media marketing needs!

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