TRANSCRIPTIONEDITORList of Transcription Editors to consider for perfect transcripts / captions
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List of Transcription Editors to consider for perfect transcripts / captions

Whether using Human or AI Transcription services, a transcript editor helps you create, edit, view, play and navigate through the transcript and media to help you deliver perfect/near-perfect transcripts or closed captions.

18 Transcription Editors that you may use:

  2. Amberscript
  3. Transcribe by Wreally
  4. Trint
  5. GoTranscript
  6. oTranscribe
  7. Express Scribe
  8. Temi
  9. Descript
  10. Otter
  11. Sonix
  12. Audext
  13. Happyscribe
  14. Inqscribe
  15. Maestra
  16. Dragon Transcription by Nuance
  17. SpeedScriber
  18. Transcript Editor by Exemplary AI

List of Transcript Editors is a service that helps transcribe audio or video by the use of AI technology or professional translators, transcriptionists and captioners. Rev’s system is equipped with built-in AI tools to improve accuracy by error detection. The transcript generated by, can be edited, saved, and exported to multiple formats by accessing their transcript editor. Today, is one of the most widely used transcription services and is considered one of the best in it’s automatic transcription software. Rev’s manual transcriptions offer about 99% accuracy, whereas mainstream automatic transcription software varies between 80-95% accuracy.



Amberscript is a service that allows you to convert audio or video into text and subtitles, either automatically or manually by way of the transcript editor used by you or Amberscript’s professional experts and subtitlers. They provide high accuracy, competitive pricing, and easy access.


Transcribe by Wreally

Transcribe is a transcription tool that helps you to convert audio files to text documents, nad helps you to maintain privacy too. Transcribe helps you transcribe official meeting recordings, podcasts, or even music, which can save a lot of time and money for many. Transcribe is a secure and a very comprehensive online transcription software, and helps in transcribing audio and video by using automatic and manual transcription modes. Transcribe offers automatic transcriptions, with audio to text in more than 60 different languages. Transcribe offers manual transcription services, either by you (transcript editor) or with professional transcript writers to help you transcribe podcasts, speeches, interviews and even music.



Trint uses AI technology to transcribe your audio and video files into a text document. Trint’s transcript editor is a highly collaborative tool, that helps you easily find and edit text. Trint helps you transcribe audio or video files into text, by way of a simple web browser, without needing to install transcription service software. Trint uses AI-ML based algorithms, to help users transcribe in over 30 languages, and identifies almost all English language dialects.



GoTranscript helps you save time while creating wonderful transcriptions. GoTranscript’s captions editor can edit text, adjust timestamps and add or remove captions with ease. The online captions editors is equipped with a convenient media player that helps you edit better.



OTranscribe is a freely available app, that helps you with the painful task of transcribing interviews. It is a simple HTML5 app, used by anyone transcribing audio to text, for example journalists etc. You may choose a audio or video file that you can upload, or select any youtube video, and start transcribing.


Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a free tool that helps transcribe audio to text quickly. Express Scribe allows you to integrate with your computers and phones via USB. Express Scribe provides you with an editor, that can be used to edit and search the transcript within the editor. It works well with Windows and Mac systems, and supports most formats. It works well with Microsoft Word.



Temi Transcript editor helps you transcribe audio or video to text from start to end. Temi also offers auto-generated transcriptions, which can save you a lot of time. The auto-generated transcriptions are not accurate, but sure helps to create a perfect transcript quicker than usual. Temi helps users easy to proofread work. Temi is an easy to use, cost effective service, that uses AI-ML for transcribing with features like speaker detection and custom timestamps.



Descript is a doc like highly collaborative audio and video editor. Descript provides transcription technology, a screen recorder, and many useable AI Tools. Descript combines a powerful transcript editor, with AI publishing tools that make audio, video and text easy and fun to edit. Descript helps you transcribe audio or video to text, and then allows to edit and make corrections to the transcript by way of a transcript editor. Descript provides features like Overdub, Snip out fillers, and Subtitling to help users create their ideal transcript. The Transcript editor can auto-save, customize speaker label data, update timestamps and sync everything with the cloud.


Otter uses AI to help users with live transcription and meeting notes that can be shared, secure, easily accessible and searchable. can transcribe speech to text automatically. You may use real-time recorded audio to transcribe. This tool uses a transcript editor that helps for easy editing and sharing with added features like speaker identification. Speech recognition software for mobile devices will be compatible with both iOS and Android OS. You may record audio via your phone and use Otter to transcribe on-the-go. Real-time live transcription software has proved to increase productivity around the world to a great extent. You may use it to transcribe music audio as well.’s transcription services are currently used by companies like Zoom and Dropbox etc. Along with transcribing audio, Otter will also provide users with the option of adding speaker info, photos, and comments etc.



Sonix is an automated transcription service that transcribes audio and video files into text. Sonic’s services are used by millions of users around the world, due to their quick, affordable and accurate methods. Sonic is widely used by podcasters, who need effective audio transcription to promote their podcasts. They offer transcription in over 40 languages. This tool can be used as a web app online, where you may upload a audio or video and run transcriptions for less than 5 mins. Sonix’s AudioText transcript editor works similar to a word doc, where you can edit, save and share text. Sonic’s systems automatically learns from it’s speaker separation and punctuations, and can even perform analysis like transcript qualitative analysis, which are generally provided by a few. Sharing capabilities with many exporting options with complete API support.



Audext is a web-browser based transcription service that helps to convert voice records into text, and provides an effective editor to edit at you own convenience. Audext is connected to more fifty thousand transcribers around the world for Human generated transcription services. Audext helps you transcribe an audio file with the help of a media-player and a text editor. By accessing the text editor, you can play the audio clip or recording at your own pace, and listen to every word spoken and start transcribing. Audext’s inbuilt editor auto-saves changes made to the transcript and offers additional subscription based services to improve the transcript accuracy along the way.



Happyscribe provides an all-in-one platform for transcription and subtitle services, with a combination of AI ML technology and People together. With Happyscribe’s interactive editor, transcribers can easily edit and share transcripts. Happyscribe can process transcriptions for over 120 languages, with an 85% accuracy with AI. Their automatic transcript software allows users to transcribe quick transcripts using Happyscribe’s algorithms, and features like punctuation correction, full stops, commas and question marks. Their text editor helps with proofreading, highlighting text and discover insights.



Inqscribe is an incredible easy to use transcription software available in the market today. It has a simple interface, that helps first time users navigate easily around the tool.

Inqscribe provides you with simple on-screen detailed guide that gives you a walk-around of the tool and is very easy to follow instructions. They offer free and premium transcription software for transcribing audio or video to text.

Inqscribe’s editor can be used to edit text, make notes and subtitles, and share the export in multiple formats if required.



Maestra helps to transcribe meetings to text, and by use of it’s text editor, can edit text, help with proofreading, and make changes to the transcript with ease. Maestra has a high accuracy rate, with a word boost to fix some words that were not detected. Maestra uses AI technology for transcribing and captioning.


Dragon Transcription by Nuance

A powerful transcript gives way to capture insights, make notes and memos accessible to you at the palm of your hand. Dragon’s quick transcription features, allows you to easily transcribe text from your recording with high accuracy. Dragon can transcribe podcasts or recorded audio files into text documents, edit them and generate insights from them.



SpeedScriber is a cloud based transcription service that helps create and modify transcriptions for content oriented creators, and helping them scale their business and increase performance. Right now, SpeedScriber is a macOS only app.


Transcript Editor by Exemplary AI

Finally, we provide an entirely customizable Transcript Editor. If you're looking to an embed our highly customizable transcript editor into your app - look no further.

Also, learn about Scribe, an open source automated meeting that is built using our SDK.


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