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Sherlin Jannet

Sherlin Jannet

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How to turn your podcast into a blog

Content creators are always looking to reach a wider audience in order to grow their community. Many achieve this by promoting their content in different forms. From Podcasters who make videos to reach YouTube audiences to YouTubers who promote their videos through intriguing blogs, content creators really are doing it all. And now with AI in the picture, digital creators can do a lot more, a lot faster. This article explores the possibilities of using a blog to grow your audience as a podcaster, the benefits of doing so and how it can be done.

Why should you blog?

According to socialmediatoday, 77% of internet users read blogs, which are the most consumed content on the web next to short videos. This makes blogging one of the most important forms of content marketing. We at Exemplary AI believe that your podcast can be more. In the form of a blog, your like-minded reader-audience will find access to your content and might even be drawn to listen to your podcasts.

Can you have a podcast and a blog?

Most content creators or businesses start with a blog or a podcast—either one, and then include the other to the mix, later on, while others maintain a podcast and a blog from the get go. With the help of Artificial Intelligence it is possible to start your blog alongside your podcast without much strain.

Introduction to generative AI and Exemplary AI

Generative AI is a category of Artificial intelligence that is designed to generate novel content. It is trained on a large data set which it uses to imitate human-like content. Unlike Google that receives our prompts and gives us sources of information that are relevant, generative AI is able to create content autonomously.

Exemplary AI is a product of generative AI that can produce content such as transcripts (converting audio to text) and full length blogs from inputs such as an audio or a video file. Using this AI model Exemplary AI can convert your podcast into a blog within a few minutes.

You can try using different prompts to get your desired output. Make sure that your prompts are specific as to what should be the tone of the blog (fun, intriguing, humorous) and mention how many subheadings, whether you want a conclusion or a list of key takeaways. You can also SEO optimise your blog post by prompting to include your required ‘keyword’.

Try this simple prompt to turn your podcast into a blog:

Generate a blog based on the content, including an introduction, subheadings and a conclusion.

Report Generating gif

Or try a more specific prompt like this:

Generate a blog based on the content including an intriguing introduction, four subheadings and a conclusion in 600 words. Please write in a friendly tone and address the reader as “you”.

Report Generating gif

To manually convert your podcast into a blog:

  1. Use the podcast script if it was a scripted episode.
  2. If it was an unscripted episode, use a transcriber like Exemplary AI.
  3. Divide the blog post into three or four subtopics; these will be your subheadings.
  4. Write an introductory paragraph that is creative, intriguing and is a preview to the blog.
  5. Insert relevant images to make the blog appealing.
  6. Don’t forget to link your podcast to convert your website traffic into leads.

Report Generating gif

Advantages of turning your podcast into a blog

Work with efficiency

As a content creator, creating quality content requires a lot of effort. Repurposing the content from your podcast is the most efficient way to make your efforts profitable. Especially when you’re able to create a blog within minutes using AI.

Grow your community

As mentioned earlier, blogs are assured to grow your audience. People tend to share blogs that they think might be useful to others and in doing so promote your brand to people with similar interests. Blog posts also have an interactive comment section that allows your readers to leave insightful comments or interact with other readers.

Increase website traffic

Blogs are one of the most preferred forms of content by content marketers because they are proven to increase website traffic. People are curious beings and are always looking to Google, for information and to gather knowledge. And blogs being a forum of information are welcoming to viewers and passers-by thus increasing organic traffic on your website.

Connect with your audience

Blogs can be a way for you to connect with your audience, including your current podcast listeners. Writing can be a great way to inspire emotions in a reader. And you can say things that are poetic or metaphoric, both of which may seem unnatural on a podcast.

Two ways to turn your podcast into a blog:

Repurpose your podcast for blog audience

One way to convert your podcast into a blog is by using the whole content of the podcast as a single blog topic. This is most suitable for short episodes or scripted podcasts with distinct subtopics,

Intrigue your audience with an introductory blog post

Another way to convert your podcasts into a blog is by using a small snippet from your podcast. This can be the introduction part of your podcast —where you explain the topic or the most intriguing part of your podcast that will attract your audience to click the link to your podcast. Since not all podcasts can be suitable for a blog such as interviews and special-guest episodes, an introductory blog can compliment its complexity.

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