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Sherlin Jannet

Sherlin Jannet

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Beyond Video: Exploring Innovative Ways to Repurpose Your Content

A survey conducted by Referral Rock showed that a majority 94% of marketers repurpose their content and the remaining 6% plan to do so in the future, surprisingly none of the marketers opted for the third option, which said “No, and we don’t plan to”.

Another survey by Hubspot brought to light that 67% of marketers say—sharing marketing videos on social media gives them the highest ROI. This gives us a clear idea of the importance of repurposing content as perceived by marketers. And with 3.7 million new videos being uploaded on YouTube every day, it is obvious that repurposing video content is something every content creator and marketer should add to their marketing strategy.

In this blog we discuss how you can repurpose your video content and how AI can help you seamlessly convert your video content into multiple other content forms for varied platforms.

Contents of the blog:

  • Why repurpose blog content?
  • Create blog posts
  • Craft engaging social media snippets
  • Design info-graphics and visual summaries
  • Create Podcasts or Audio clips
  • Create an image or carousel
  • Generate email campaigns
  • Teasers or Introduction
  • Blooper reels and BTS
  • Interactive social media content
  • Interactive video campaign
  • Customer interviews and testimonials
  • Dive deeper on Instagram Live
  • Write guides or e-books
  • Animated graphics and gifs
  • Compilations

Why repurpose video content?

Say you shot and edited a video for YouTube or conducted a detailed webinar explaining all the key points of your product or service in detail. You can convert this video into a blog post, a guide book, an Instagram reel, or all three. The point of repurposing your video is that the efforts that go into making a long-form video are reutilised in such a way that these efforts carry over into the new content and don’t stop with one video.

Repurposing video content is a strategic and creative process that requires careful consideration of all the factors that usually affect the content creation process, such as target audience, the type of media platform and more. Repurposing a video as it is will not work in most cases. It is essential that you tweak the content or rebuild the content based on the idea and information you already have. The difference is that you won’t be working from scratch once again.

That being said, using artificial intelligence for assistance is the best thing you can do while repurposing your video content. On Exemplary AI, you can do so by simply writing out what you want, with emphasis on things like target audience and other details you want it to keep in mind.

Blog posts

Blogs are preferred by most content marketers for their reachability that can be achieved through SEO optimisation. People also share blogs that they think might help others. If you feel that your video content has the potential to attract more audience than it currently does and if you’re looking to increase the visibility of your content then blogs are the sure way to make it happen. To create a blog post from your video all you need is an AI writer like Exemplary AI. This web-app can transcribe your video and convert it into a blog post with a simple prompt.


Try out this simple prompt to see how it works: “Create a blog from this VC Podcast targeted towards VC Analysts interested in the space.”

Engaging social media snippets

Social media is the most happening place on the internet. Which is why it makes sense that for 58% of marketers, short-form videos (such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts), are the main video format they leverage in their roles. Instagram and Facebook are two platforms that you have to engage in as a content creator. Exemplary AI’s AI Generated Story feature can automatically choose the best moments or segments from your video and stitch them together for use as Facebook videos, Instagram reels or YouTube shorts, while allowing you to customise it for optimal delivery.


The AI assistant can also generate automated subtitles and help you create clips with options to choose your preferred style and font size and allows you to trim the video or change it to a vertical orientation to suit the social media format ratio.


Design info-graphics and visual summaries

Info-graphics are easier to understand and are a great way of visualising content. For this reason info-graphics are more shareable on social media platforms. You can use Exemplary AI to generate keywords and data from the video, which you can then use to create the info-graphic with the help of a design app such as Canva. You can also add the info-graphic to your blog post and then share the image to drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget to post it on Pinterest where people look for inspiration and illustrated information.


Podcasts or Audio clips

If the content of your video has a lot of conversation and less visual demonstration, you can strip the audio and make a podcast out of it. You can also use AI to generate a podcast script from the video or share snippets of the conversation in audiobyte/audiogram form.

The number of podcast listeners as of 2023 are 464.7 million worldwide and they are estimated to increase dramatically in the coming years. Podcasts are the best way to grab your listeners’ attention as they concentrate on using only one sense and there are no other stimuli (such as visual stimuli) to distract them. Podcasts are also easy to engage with while travelling or doing mundane chores without having to disturb your workflow. This explains why podcasts are most popular in the mornings.

Check out this blog to know how you can repurpose your podcast into a blog

Image or carousel

An image caught from your video—aesthetic, eye-catching or just apt can go on your social media page. This is most suited for your Pinterest account which is an even better discovery platform than Instagram. If your video is already uploaded on Exemplary AI because you’ve been using it for everything else then you can also prompt the AI writer to create a copy to go with the image.

A carousel is usually made of three images as slides in an Instagram post. A landscape image which is easy to obtain from long-form videos that are usually shot in landscape form can make a seemingly smooth carousel. Just add a copy and you have a really cool carousel for your Instagram page. If you’re new to graphic design Canva is a good platform to start with.

Email campaigns

Promotional emails and email newsletters are a way to stay connected with your audience on a personal level. Exemplary AI can generate an email from your podcast or video content to promote upcoming content to your subscribers or to link old videos that suit current circumstances or occasions.

Email newsletters are usually written in a shorter digestible form than a blog as the receiver is expecting to look through an email and not a blog page. Your short newsletter could also be an introductory promotional for your blog post. By prompting the AI writer on Exemplary AI, you can adjust the tone, length, and intended target audience of the blog and generate a shorter form of your content.

Click here to know more about writing emails using AI as a content creator.

Tweet your content

Twitter is a dynamic marketing tool that 67% of B2B marketers use for digital marketing. As an added benefit, twitter is also a great platform for marketers and creators to conduct market research. 16% of internet users aged 16-64 use Twitter for brand research.To repurpose your video for twitter you can craft engaging tweets summarising key points from your video content to share with your audience on twitter. An AI writer can automatically generate a list of key points or tweets from your video.


Teasers or Introduction

The video itself could be repurposed as a promo or trailer for itself. By creating a shorter version of the video that provides a 30 second preview of the upcoming video you can provoke a sense of anticipation among your followers and subscribers. They would also most likely push their notifications on for your channel or page, so that they don’t miss the video.

Blooper reels and BTS

People are generally interested in the backstory of fiction, especially when the story fascinates them or resonates with them. They are curious about what the actors are really like and how similar or contrasting they are from the characters they play. A behind-the-scenes is most suitable for videos that are story-based. It also lets the audience have a look at the efforts that went into making the video.

A blooper reel or a blooper video is suitable for almost all types of content except sensitive issues and serious topics where it would be inappropriate to make a blooper video. A blooper video is an entertaining way to connect with your audience. People seem to enjoy it and chances are they will be intrigued to check out your channel or social media page.

Interactive social media content

Social media provides users with interaction tools such as polls, quizzes and surveys that allow the influencers to interact with followers or to gather insights on the followers’ perception, interests and expectations. You can edit your long-form video to make it shorter and in vertical format and add your poll or any other interactive tool carrying a question or statement relating to the context of the video, prompting your audience to engage with the content.

Interactive video campaign

Have you ever watched a video and wondered where you could buy décor as seen in the video, or maybe the kitchen utensils caught your attention or perhaps the accessories the person was wearing. As a marketer you can use this simple attention that audiences give to products and orchestrate an opportunity for them to buy the products they see. An interactive video campaign enables the viewer to click on a ‘plus sign’ that appears on the item, revealing the buying details of the item. Like this IKEA ad, for example.

Customer interviews and testimonials

Customer interviews are conducted for the purpose of gathering information on the customer’s perception and interaction with the product or service. These interviews most probably contain positive feedback about your product or service which can be used as a testimonial.

Testimonials can be edited and included in an ad campaign or converted into a written testimonial for your official website page. Using an AI writer, you can easily transcribe the video and. You can also use AI to select the most engaging and positive testimonials and create an automated compilation showcasing your brand’s success stories.

Dive deeper on Instagram Live

Instagram live is an interesting forum where your audience can interact with you by sharing their thoughts or asking questions in a discussion. You can use this platform to expand on the key points discussed in the video while simultaneously receiving input on your content. You might even get the idea for your next video from such an interaction. Or you can reverse the process by conducting an Insta live with your followers and extracting key points from the live recording to create a video for YouTube. Exemplary AI can extract key points from your video on command using which you can conduct a discussion on Instagram live. Don’t forget to name your Insta live with a suitable topic to attract audiences and encourage them to take part in the discussion.


Write guides or e-books

Do you have an elaborate video talking about the working of a product or the quality of your service? Transcribe the video to make an ebook, a guide or even create an FAQ section on your website. You can use an AI writer to transcribe the video, extract key points and statistics, or to generate ideas that can help you construct your guide.


Animated graphics and gifs

As you know, memes are known to go viral on social media platforms all the time. If you make content that is funny or relatable, this will definitely work for you. You can take a funny moment or a remarkable expression/phrase that you’ve said in your video and turn it into a GIF or an animated meme.


If you make short-form content on a daily or weekly basis, a compilation can help you group similar content into one long video. People enjoy compilations as it’s very similar to short-form content with the auto-play button switched on.

Overall, repurposing video content in creative ways like these can help you reach a broader audience, improve engagement and make the most of your content creation efforts. With AI tools like Exemplary AI that can streamline the process, your marketing strategy is sure to be impactfully executed.

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