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Convert MOV to text

Exemplary AI offers top-notch transcription for your MOV files, perfect for meetings, blogs, and projects. Transcribe any file type quickly with our user-friendly AI Text generator. Easily edit and share your content.


Why everyone choose Exemplary AI over MOV

Choose Exemplary AI over MOV for superior transcription, translation, and content creation powered by cutting-edge AI. With 95%+ accuracy, it excels in audio and video transcription. Offering translation in 130+ languages and versatile content generation, it's the top choice. Say goodbye to MOV and embrace user-friendly, affordable, and versatile Exemplary AI for all your transcription and content needs.

Retranscribe for Enhanced Accuracy

Elevate your transcription quality with our retranscribe feature. Effortlessly regenerate transcripts to achieve higher accuracy and clarity. Need translations? Get your transcript translated seamlessly, maintaining the essence of your original content.

Advanced Transcript Editing Tools

Personalize and perfect your transcripts with our editing tools. Change speaker names, annotate key points, and create highlight clips. Collaborate with your team efficiently, making the editing process a collective and streamlined experience.

Flexible Export and Sharing Options

Download your transcripts in formats like PDF, Word, or as subtitles (.srt) to suit your needs. Sharing your work is just as easy – distribute your transcripts with anyone, anywhere, ensuring your content reaches your intended audience effectively.

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How to convert MOV to text


    Upload Your MOV File

    Start by uploading your MOV file which needs to be transcribed.


    Choose Your Language and Accent

    Choose the language of the MOV file. Pick the specific accent if required, then click 'Process'.


    Review and Edit Using AI

    Our system will provide you with an initial transcript. Review it, make edits, highlight, or use AI tools to refine your content.


    Export and Share

    Once satisfied, export your transcript in formats like PDF, Word, or as subtitles (.srt). You can also share it easily using a link

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Convert additional audio and video file formats to text

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing

Exemplary transcription is highly accurate, with a reported accuracy rate of over 95%. However, accuracy may vary depending on the quality of the audio or video content.

Upload, Analyze and Generate Content

Drive engaging content with advanced transcription, translation, and captioning services, powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Globalise Your Content

Globalise Your Content

Globalise Your Content Instantly! Effortlessly Translate Transcripts into 130+ Languages.

Get Insights Instantly

Get Insights Instantly

Engage in Effortless Conversations with AI Chat. Seamlessly Retrieve Valuable Insights.

Automate Content Creation

Automate Content Creation

Transform Media into Engaging Blogs, Emails, and More. Craft Engaging Content to Your Audience.

Craft Engaging Narratives

Craft Engaging Narratives

Transcribe and Translate audio & video in 100+ languages with ease and accuracy.

Turn Transcript into Videos

Turn Transcript into Videos

Effortlessly Select Segments, Create Engaging Clips. Elevate Your Content Creation Experience!

Engage audience with subtitles

Engage audience with subtitles

Elevate Viewer Engagement, Enhance Storytelling. Tailored Subtitles for Global Reach.


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