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Sherlin Jannet

Sherlin Jannet

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Artificial intelligence, through the years, has proven to increase our efficiency, especially when it comes to handling long or mundane tasks. The invention of ChatGPT marks a significant milestone in the field of AI and has revolutionised the way in which we interact with machines. YouTube videos can now be transcribed and summarised with the help of ChatGPT. It is also possible to have a conversation with ChatGPT or ask questions to retrieve information from a YouTube video, without having to watch the entire video. This article provides information on how to transcribe, summarise and chat with YouTube videos using ChatGPT. Keep reading! You definitely want to know this.

Contents of the article:

  • How to create a summary using ChatGPT chrome extension
  • Chat with YouTube videos using ChatGPT
  • Transcribe, summarise and chat with YouTube videos using this ChatGPT alternative

How to create a summary using ChatGPT chrome extension

Chrome extensions are widely popular for their ease of use. This ChatGPT chrome extension is for your YouTube account, changing the way you review and process info from the video platform. After installation, it can be found on your account, at hand’s reach, where it is easily visible and practically hard to forget. To create a YouTube summary using ChatGPT, you must install the “YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude” from your chrome web store. This allows you to summarise any video when logged into your YouTube profile.

Chat with YouTube videos using ChatGPT

When it comes to YouTube, there are videos that we watch for entertainment and there are videos that we watch to gather information. In both cases, it starts with one intriguing tagline below a seemingly lengthy video. If only, a friend had already watched the video, we would ask them to summarise it for us or ask them questions we have regarding the video. That friend is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT 3.5 can help you transcribe and summarise a YouTube video, but in order to chat with a YouTube video you will have to upgrade to ChatGPT 4 which is for paid users only. After upgrading to “GPT-4” model, you can use “Video insights” plugin to summarise the YouTube video or answer specific questions from the video.

How to get a summary of a YouTube video - Transcribe, summarise and chat with YouTube videos using this ChatGPT alternative

Imagine a tool that can process the video into a transcript, a summary, a blog or even in the form of notes and has an AI-chatbot feature that makes it possible for you to chat with YouTube videos. ExemplaryAI provides a platform accommodating all this. You can also translate your transcript into multiple languages to suit your preference.

You can visit , to try it for free!

  1. Click the “Upload Wizard” button to get started. upload wizard

  2. Upload your media file to be transcribed or in case of YouTube videos copy/paste the video link. upload your media file

  3. Add languages to translate under “Translation” if required and press “Continue”. Process the video

  4. Under “Create Reports”, select Summary and clips to generate a YouTube summary. Create Reports

  5. Hit the “Process” button. Create Reports

  6. ExemplaryAI will notify you when the processing is done, via email. Note that the processing time depends on the audio quality and length of the video. upload success

  7. Select the tab that reads “English” or your added language to view a transcript or translated transcript of the video. Transcribe Initiated

  8. Select the “Report” tab to view a summary of the video. Reports

  9. Click on the chat icon to open AI-chat to discuss the video with the chatbot. Ai-chat

  10. You can also download and share the AI-report by using the “share” or “download” button at the top right corner. share-download


Generative AI has made it easier for us to process information from a YouTube video, through transcriptions, summaries and a chat that can fetch answers specific to our prompts. A tool that can do it all—like Exemplary AI, which goes beyond text and can build reels, string together clips and summaries may be better suited for your needs and make your life that much easier.